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Tuesday Sep 07, 2021

Aaron and Gregg and joined by friend of the podcast Sean G. to talk about the lighter side of sports. Isn't this what Aaron and Gregg always do? Yes, thanks for pointing that out. But this week they literally talk about the lighter side of sports, pranks, meltdowns, and more.

Tuesday Aug 31, 2021

Gregg and Aaron are joined by Gregg's wife Ilana to create brand new Olympic hybrid sports. Then, the pair talk basketball nonsense including Nate Robinson's understanding of telepathy and what NBA writer and podcaster Brian Windhorst will and will not lick. It's a good time.

Tuesday Aug 24, 2021

The Original Holding Court Podcast returns as hosts Aaron Hertzog and Gregg Gethard bring back the very first basketball podcast that there ever was on the internet. Don't tell us there were basketball podcasts before us. There weren't. There were none before and there will be none after. The Holding Court Podcast has returned.

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