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Wednesday Nov 17, 2021

We actually talk a good bit of actual basketball in this one. But also a bunch of nonsense. If you want even more truth, subscribe for bonus content at

Tuesday Nov 09, 2021

Gregg and Aaron talk about some of the games from Monday night, ADHD, and Gregg brings groceries into his house.   To help us bring more groceries into our houses, subscribe for bonus content at

Tuesday Nov 02, 2021

Gregg and Aaron are joined by, you guessed it, the number one New Orleans Pelican fan in Northern Ireland to talk about why he's the number one New Orleans Pelican fan in Northern Ireland. If you'd like to be the number one Holding Court Podcast fan in (insert name of wherever you live here) you can do so by by subscribing, leaving a review, telling your friends about us, and joining our Patreon at

Monday Oct 25, 2021

This week, Gregg relays a sobering tale of being denied an opportunity to take a tour of Ben Simmons' New Jersey home on the grounds that he doesn't have enough money, so Aaron decides to start a Go Fund Me fundraiser so that the podcast can purchase the residence. Then, we're joined by legendary filmmaker, composer, and musician John Carpenter (Joe Moore) to have an in-depth, thorough discussion about hoops. To help contribute even more funds to the Ben Simmons' estate piggy bank, subscribe to our Patreon.

Wednesday Oct 20, 2021

Another NBA season is here and Aaron and Gregg are here to give you our picks, predictions, guesses, hopes, dreams, overs, unders, blunders, plunders, picks, MVPs, DNRs, picks, sticks, fakes, shakes, best-ofs, worst-ofs, picks, best-bets, best buys, circuit citys, targets, walmarts, kmarts, game charts and don't forget about the picks.   For bonus picks subscribe at:

Tuesday Oct 12, 2021

This week, Gregg and Aaron share stories of catfishing, low-level professional sports events, and Gregg's obsession with a basketball general manager simulation game that he has played for almost 500 seasons. It's pretty wild. To support the show and receive bonus content subscribe at:

Thursday Oct 07, 2021

Gregg and Aaron are back for an Emergency Podcast to discuss the NBA Health and Wellness Insurance scam that just broke. First, they talk about Gregg's background as a Certified Fraud Examiner and Aaron's background as a Certified Fraud Doer before they get into the nitty-gritty details of the breaking NBA scandal. You like bonus stuff? Subscribe at:

Wednesday Oct 06, 2021

Gregg and Aaron talk about a bunch of stuff which leads them to a conversation about how famed South Street staple Hats in the Belfry is now a weird art store. You like bonus stuff? Subscribe at:

Monday Sep 20, 2021

Gregg and Aaron try to manifest podcast sponsorships by talking about some of their favorite (and not-so-favorite) podcast sponsors and focus on one notorious ad-read from Philadelphia 76ers beat writer Keith Pompey. They touch on LeBron James' cryptic anti-practice tweet for a bit but then return to Pompey to explore why the writer seemed so uncomfortable talking about male enhancement chewables. For premium bonus content, subscribe to Holding Court at 

Thursday Sep 16, 2021

Inspired by Gregg's nightmare week of trying to assemble a desk from IKEA, he talks with Aaron about what NBA players they think would excel at putting together Swedish furniture. Then, they create an IKEA challenge where NBA teams must work together to decorate a film room by choosing and assembling IKEA pieces, and debate which teams would work well together and which would not.   For bonus content, including extra episodes and more, subscribe at

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